Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Moving into a new home during the summer months is tough. In between weddings, and cookouts - we seem to find ourselves at either Home Depot, Target, Loews, or the grocery store.

And we still have so much to do. I glanced out the kitchen window the other day to find Brian wielding a chain saw to the overgrown shrubs that had engulfed the front deck.....

And speaking of the deck - some of the boards are do I know this? I know this because my heels have gone through 3 of them.

Brian: "You need to walk differently. Like...lighter."
Me: "You need to fix the boards. Nothing is wrong with my walk."
Brian: "Then don't wear skinny heels across the deck."
Me: "That's like asking me not to breath."

It will all get fixed eventually.

Still to come - pics from the rehearsal dinner and wedding.



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