Thursday, October 28, 2010


Accountability has been my largest hurdle when it comes to eating right, eating smaller portions, and exercising. I posses a TON of knowledge as it pertains to health and nutrition. I know I need to slow down when I eat as it takes the brain 20 minutes to realize my tummy is indeed full. I know I slim down fastest when I run and that lifting free weights aids in speeding up my metabolism. I know that getting plenty of sleep is important to overall health and well being. I know it's important to keep moving, to keep stretching, and to keep taking deep breaths.

My problem?

My problem is transferring the "knowing" into "doing."

I've done it before and I will do it again.

It's much easier to transform knowing into doing when you're doing it with a buddy. A girlfriend, a spouse, a parent - someone that can relate to you wanting to eat the entire plate of lasagna because who doesn't love a plate full of yummy, cheesy goodness. It's so much easier when you have that second voice, kind of like an angel sitting on your right shoulder to say, "Maybe we should have half, and take the rest home to eat later." It's so much easier to have someone that cares whether or not you bothered to peel yourself away from the TV, housework or errands to take a walk or go to the gym.

Something like a fitness cheerleader if you will.

I could have attempted to transform Brian into my fitness cheerleader, but I knew he wouldn't be the person to motivate me and hold me accountable. Brian is a guy. Brian can take Simon for a 20 minute walk, devour half a pepperoni pizza, and not gain a pound.

It's just not fair.

I decided to recruit my new friend over at Life Of A Doctor's Wife for a little fitness/eating right challenge. I am extending the invitation to all of you if you would like to join our little challenge. Details will be posted here by November 1st, so if you're interested drop me an email ( or comment here.

It's going to be awesome!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today's post was supposed to be about my latest healthcare/weight loss/eating right venture.

Unfortunately I am experiencing severe neck and back pain.

So instead of propping Brian's computer on my lap and blogging, I am going to pop 4 Advil, rub myself down with Freeze-It (a muscle, joint & pain relief roll-on that smells very geriatric), and get into bed to snuggle and acquaint myself with our heating pad.

I may just add a glass of wine to the above treatment plan.

Possibly two.

Nighty nighty.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I am very behind on my blogging. It's not that I don't have tons to write about, it's just that I can't manage to carve out the time to write about it.

BUT - as part of Detoxtober, I am taking the time this week.

SO - things that are coming this week (as I'm vowing to blog every day) include organizing, bridesmaid dresses, sex (again!), health challenges, and date night stuff.

I wanted to kick off the week by giving major props to my future hubs, Brian. I've been a Spin instructor for three years and Brian has never attended any of my classes. Ever.


As a matter of fact, Brian hasn't stepped foot in a gym in like 10 years.

So last week he made the comment, "I think I'll come to your class next week," as little pigs flew around his head.

Jedi mind tricks?
What is going on?

I stared at him disbelief. I've asked over and over and over again for him to come to class and I was always met with, "No. You're scary and mean. I don't want to die."

Not only did he show up tonight, but he did EVERYthing I asked of him. Up, down, faster, slower, over, harder, longer.....he kept up with my most fit regulars.

Then we went home and ate pizza :)

With Pepperoni.

And ice cream.

Happy Monday!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I had an extremely interesting conversation Saturday night accompanied by delicious pink cosmos.

Brian and I ventured into Boston to visit a friend's new bar. After about two strong drinks, I managed to build up enough courage to ask a question I've been dying to ask here - I figured I'd start with a table full of people, mostly couples, and then report my findings.

" often do you guys have sex? What's the norm?"

The proverbial record skipped.

Interestingly enough, after about a 3 second pause at the table where I was secretly wishing I hadn't asked the question and trying to avoid Brian's dagger stare which conveyed the message "I can't believe you just asked that, we are in public and you are being inappropriate:" the conversation took on a life of it's own, and everyone started to chime in.

I shot Brian back a look as if to say, "See, totally acceptable topic of conversation for a bar, on a Saturday night."

The answers were what I expected. Most quoted about 2-3 times a week, 4 times on a good week.

After the question of frequency was answered, the conversation veered from frequency to content.

*NOTE* I specifically asked about FREQUENCY - the content part had nothing to do with me.

SO - people chimed in with questions such as:
How often is oral given?
How often is it received?
Is cuddling involved?

At this point I'm beaming over the topic that I had introduced which everyone was so willing to chat about. I excitedly listened as accusations flew across the table:

"Um, we don't cuddle."
"Ohhhhhh no, you don't do THAT anymore!"
"Dry humping my leg does NOT count as romance!"
"Your idea of foreplay is so off target."

So.....are you willing to comment? Comment on frequency? Comment on content? Are you happy with the level of "activity?" What would you change? What would you add? Are you willing to admit any grievances, complaints, and or praises?

Because I'm nosy and want to hear all about it :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


My laptop is sick.

So sick, it refuses to turn on.

I spent a good part of my day yesterday on the phone with Agent Green trying to uncover why my 2 year old laptop decided it was time to shat the bed.

When he proved unsuccessful in helping, I had to lug the darn thing to the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

"Two to three weeks to fix m'am."

You can shove your two to three weeks up your arse with your little black tie.

"Wonderful, thank you for all of your help, MmBa-bye."

To make matters worse, I never back up my work.

It's amazing to me how I'm so smart and intelligent with so many aspects of my life, yet I did not back up anything on my computer.

So irritating.

TGIF people.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fur Babies Part Two

I can't resist. More pictures of my furry children. With Ebenezer feeling better, I've reverted back to enjoying how wonderful my little zoo is, how much I love them, and how much joy (vomit on the rug, urine on the kitchen table leg, poop accidents in the hallway, hair all over EVERYTHING) they bring to my household.
When we got Simon, he was about the same size as Ebenezer - roughly 16-18lbs. It was a fair fighting match back in February.

Simon could fit comfortably on our laps for snuggling. We would constantly pick him up and dance with him, cuddle with him, and give him giant hugs - I mean look at him - he was built for hugging.....
Simon has quadrupled in size. He averages about 10lbs of growth each month. At the beginning of September he weighed in at a whopping 102lbs at 9 months old. Snuggling and hugging is really no longer an option. I can't believe he was ever a little bug.

They grow up so darn fast.....

Each time he needs to pee at 3am, or chews a pair of my shoes, or furniture or chases after a squirrel dragging me along with him I tell myself - "No WAY would I do this again..."

But then I look at his baby pictures and I melt - and want to do it all over again....

So this must be how people end up with so many kids of the non-furry variety.....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fur Babies

Is it wrong that on most days I prefer spending time with my animals over spending time with people?

I have two sleeping kitties on the bed with me as I type. We are back to our nighttime TV watching routine.

This makes me ridiculously happy.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Um hello? Where the heck did September go?

SERIOUSLY?!?! I'm still mourning the loss of the summer of 2010 and Labor Day Weekend was like yesterday and then BLAM! The calendar boasts October 1st. The grocery stores have oodles and oodles of fresh apples. Coffee shops are advertising that the "pumpkin spice, apple spice, spice whatever" latte is back. The leaves are turning, pumpkins are for sale, and my besty friend Janel texted me this morning to alert me she bought a hay bale yesterday with a coupon for 50% off.

I somehow breezed through September without even taking a moment to enjoy it. I hate it when that happens. Granted, the majority of September was spent doting on Ebenezer and his issues, but still? Flew. Right. On. By.

So I have two things I'd like to discuss here on Friday October 1st. First being a little thing I like to call Detoxtober.

What is Detoxtober? Well I'm glad you asked! Detoxtober is a little word I like to use for the month of October. This is the last month before the holiday season explodes upon us. Stress, overeating, rushing around like frenzied's all on it's way.

Well, at least for me it is.

Detoxtober is a time to get it all together, and well, detox. Not necessarily detox in the Betty Ford sense of detox - but detox in terms of whatever it is in your life that you'd like to detox from. Bad food, lack of activity, clutter, half finished projects, one too many glasses of wine when one gets home from work, eating out too much - whatever. It's time now to deal with it now, because once November rolls around - you won't have the time or desire. My advice is to start now.

So, with that being said, it's time to take the Detoxtober pledge. I have three items I'd like to focus on this October:

1) De-Clutter. Big time. Brian and I moved into our home well over a year ago. We have several boxes that remain unpacked, several pictures that have yet to grace the walls, and oodles and oodles of old paperwork that needs to be shredded and recycled. Not to mention bins and closets full to the seams with clothes that neither of us wear. It's all going. Donated. Sold. Whatever. Gone baby gone.

2) I have to start moving more. I used to be a 4-5 days a week - an hour and a half workout kind of gal. Not so much anymore. I can't honestly say that I don't have the time, because I do. I just spend that extra time lounging in bed, or watching TV or doing housework. I need to re-program, drop everything and just go. I find the more I go, the less stressed I am.

3) The eating. Oh good God the eating, the eating, and the FREAKING eating!!!! I've said this over and over and over again on this blog that the excessive overeating, and the late night snacking, and the sweets, and the cakes, and the eating ice cream when I'm stressed needs to halt.

This brings me to the second thing I'd like to address here. Who is out there? I know I have readers, I don't think it's many, but still I'd like to know that you're there. In addition, I could certainly use your support. I think the main reason I haven't stopped the eating (and thus the weight gain) is because I have nobody to hold me accountable. Notice how I post all gung-ho posts about wanting to lose the weight, but I never post about my progress or lack there of. That's because I'm afraid to face what I already know - I am in control, but I'm out of control. I need something or someone to keep me in line.

So I pledge to commit to my 3 Detoxtober items, and I invite you to create your own Detoxtober list. I also promise to post my progress.

So who is out there? Who is planning to participate in Detoxtober?