Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Give It Up For My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I've known for about a month and a half that Brian was going to have to work tonight.

Say what?

Apparently the head honcho dudes at Brian's company picked January 31st to fly to Boston and attend a Bruins game.

Boo. Hiss.

Being the awesome wife I am, I told him that I was fine with him having to shmooze and kiss some corporate booty on my birthday. Deep down I felt kind of crappy about him working tonight, but come on! Am I going to force my husband to skip out on an evening that may potentially help his career and pad our bank account somewhere down the road?

I think not.

So I put on my big girl panties and told my husband it was fine.

I smiled, gave him a big hug and a smooch, and told him he would just have to make it up to me.

And boy did he ever.

He reserved a room at the Back Bay Hotel in downtown Boston on Saturday night. He recruited my little sis and her boyfriend to spend that night at our house to care for Simon and the kitties. I was also treated to a very romantic, very delicious dinner at The Capital Grille Restaurant that included a piece of cake larger than most countries.

Please excuse the iPhone picture quality - not sure what the glowing halo is around my head, but it's in about 5 other pictures we took that night. Maybe it's just that....my halo :)

My weekend was amazing. For the first time in a long time, I actually got to sleep in. No kitties walking across my head looking for breakfast at the crack of dawn. No Simon waking me up with his tug toy in my face. No barking, or meowing, or crying, or whining. Just me, Brian, and some Sunday morning snuggling.

What makes me a little sad (just a little) is that I'm home by myself tonight on my birthday. I've decided that next year I'm going to take the day off from work, get a massage, do some shopping, and celebrate me alllllllll day.

In the meantime, I was hoping you'd all leave me some birthday love in my comments section. You know, just to make me feel a little less alone tonight.

Thanks guys :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

4 Months

Tomorrow will be 4 months to the day that I became a Mrs.

To relive the magic of that weekend, swing by here and take a peek.

4 months?

Boy does time fly when you're having fun!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I can remember the day like it was yesterday. We were praying that the rain would clear up and the sun would shine. Brian and I had a hard time deciding where we wanted to do our engagement photos. We really didn't have a "place." No beach that we frequented, no woods that we hiked, no urban landscape where we spent our time. We could have picked a number of beautiful locations, but it just didn't feel like us. We were afraid we would feel like transplants - two people in a picturesque backdrop that had no ties to that particular place.

It just would have been weird to us.

I struggled with all of the possibilities but then came to a conclusion while looking out my back door. It was autumn, and the little dead end street that we live on has leaves that blaze red, orange, and yellow when the season shifts from summer to fall.

"We can do it here," I thought. No beach, no mountainside, no tall city buildings. Just the street where we decided to make the commitment to spend forever together. The street where we started the family that is us, the dog, and the two cats. It's the street where we became homeowners, where we became neighbors, where we became part of a community.

Once I decided on the first location, my brain immediately went to the park down the street from my old apartment. Technically, this is where our relationship status first began. It's the park we drove by, and walked by, when we would leave our favorite hangouts to go back towards my place. What better way than to have pictures where it all began.....

So there you have it. The two locales where we chose to have our engagement photos and how we chose them. A little odd to most, but just right for us.

To check out our photos, head here, to Melissa Mullen Photography. She did an incredible job capturing me, Brian, and most importantly Simon. I can't thank her enough!


Monday, January 9, 2012


I have developed a small obsession with my morning cup of coffee.

I am head over heals IN LOVE with my morning cup of coffee.

It's a little strange.

I own a bright red 12 cup coffee pot that I purchased at Target about a year ago for cheap money. I only make one cup each morning, because more than one cup would make me a jittery crazy lady. Brian begged for a Keurig when we were registering and I adamantly refused. I just couldn't stand parting with my red coffee pot.

I love my red coffee pot.

I recently figured out how to program my coffee pot to brew coffee prior to my alarm going off so I actually wake up to the yummy smell of fresh brewed coffee.

For those of you that haven't figured out this feature on your coffee making machine, I highly recommend you do so.

It's so awesome.

So back to the coffee....

Now that I've figured out this feature, I am completely obsessed with my morning cup of coffee. Prior to learning about this feature, mornings were dismal. My alarm would go off, I would shuffle to the kitchen accidentally kicking one of the animals along the way. I would fumble with the filters. I would fill the filters with coffee. I would add the water. And then would wait - groggy and annoyed that it was morning time.

Waiting. For the coffee. Wait, wait, wait.

Now that I've discovered how to operate the timer, mornings are like Christmas. My alarm goes off and the fragrant scent of French Vanilla wafts through the air. I shuffle to the kitchen like a crack head off to get a fix. No fumbling with filters and no measuring water or coffee. Just yummy hot coffee waiting to be poured into my oversized coffee mug (which SURPRISE has cats on it).

I've started to get really excited each night at the very thought of waking up to a full, hot, READY, pot of coffee.

So excited, I've been saying things like, "Mmmmm, can't wait to get up tomorrow morning and drink my coffee."

Brian is not enthused.

Brian thinks I'm crazy.

Brian still wants a Keurig.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Holy crap it's here.

A new year. A new beginning. I'm super excited!

I was hoping to blog prior to the New Year to discuss resolutions (because I heart resolutions) but I just didn't get around to it.

Instead of me dumping my list of "everything I plan on accomplishing this year because I love making lists and checking things off," I'd like to know what your resolutions are.

I, of course, will dish what my list for 2012 is (and of course there are quite a few items) but I would like to hear some of yours first.

I have a girl date (one of my resolutions that I will share at a later date) on Friday night that I'm super excited about because if I'm not mistaken I haven't had a girl date since the summer. Although I love my husband dearly, I'm very excited to go be going out to dinner with a girlfriend.

So happy Wednesday to everyone, and an even happier tomorrow.

It's 2012 b*tches!

Did I mention I'm excited?!?!?!