Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Resolutions: The Complete List

I've thought long and hard about what I wanted to achieve this year and what I want to accomplish. I've finally decided on my top 10. The first three I've revealed - the last 7 are here for your review.

Previously Noted:
1) Read 1 novel per month resulting in a total of 12 novels for the year'
2) Stop, stop STOP picking my skin.
3) Strive to speak more better yo. What? It's not 2010 just yet....

The rest of the list is as follows:

4) Every year I run a 5 mile road race on Thanksgiving. This year, I want to add two more road races, for a total of 3, starting of course when the weather gets nicer.

5) September 2009 marked the 3 year anniversary of my first date with Brian. I bought him this book as a gift. I want to visit 5 places listed in the this book in 2010...luckily, there are places that are listed in New England, so we won't have to break the bank accomplishing this.

6) I feel like I rarely get to see my friends. It's really no one's fault, it's just that everyone is so busy with kids, and homes, and husbands, and work, and although I'm able to talk to them over the phone, it's hard to actually get together to hang out. In 2010, I want to change that. I plan on making a list of friends that I haven't seen in forever that I want to see, and I'm going to get out there and see them.

7) This year I plan on tackling the dreaded kitchen. That's right cooking, I'm coming for you!!!
I'm starting by taking this course so that I can learn the basics and hopefully prevent losing any fingers in my quest to conquer the kitchen.

8) I love, love LOVE to dance, but I rarely get to do it. In 2010 I want to take some dance classes. I think I'm leaning towards salsa....and hoping I can find a partner to join me (ahem...Brian?)

9) Eight years ago I joined Weight Watchers and lost a whole bunch of weight however I've never reached goal. That's because I never set a goal. I was always afraid to pick a number because I was concerned I would never be able to reach and or maintain that number. This year, I'm going to reach it.

140 lbs.

10) Last but certainly not least, my last resolution. This resolution is career oriented. Due to the fact that this blog is public, I'm going to keep this last resolution to myself.

*BUT* When I eventually accomplish this resolution you'll be the first to know.

There you have it folks. Bring on 2010!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Over Already?

Every year I'm amazed at how quickly Christmas comes....and how quickly Christmas goes. We spend weeks/days/hours shopping and wrapping and preparing for a day that seems to be over in a blink of the eye. The underbelly of my Christmas tree is no longer stocked full of presents. It looks so barren and pathetic under the tree which the cats are LOVING because they once again have enough room to sleep under there.

I purchased PS3 for Brian after years of being dead set against having gaming systems in the home.

I had convinced him he was getting practical gifts this year - socks, underwear, work clothes - things of that nature. I had done such a good job of hammering this point home that he actually moped around the house 2 days before Christmas claiming, "you've ruined Christmas," and "I have nothing to be excited about." I briefly (and I stress briefly) felt bad that he was so bummed about receiving his imaginary boxers and socks, that I almost told him that his Christmas gift wasn't entirely practical, and that it had elements of impracticalities, and he should remain excited for Christmas.

Instead, I retorted with statements like, "you need this stuff," and "this really isn't the year to be spending money on frivolous gifts." My replies were met with more sulking and moping and feet stomping throughout the house while he coined me as "The Ruin-er of Christmas."

It was all worth it when he opened his PS3 on Christmas morning.

"Shut up. SHUT. UP. No.....omigod....no way......is this what I think it is?"

I swear the gift gave him a big enough boner that people in China were being poked with it.

"The Ruin-er of Christmas" is now being called "The Best Fiance Ever."

Thursday, December 24, 2009

...Twas The Night Before Christmas.....

Christmas Eve is finally here. My house is spotless and the cats are stowed safely away in the guest bedroom with enough chicken to keep them quiet for the evening. I began baking/cooking last night after finding the user manual to the oven.

I gave up halfway through, and instead, contacted a restaurant to cater the whole thing :)

On that note I'm off to primp before my guests get here.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Say What? Resolution #3

"Um like you know cuz it's a whole nother thing."


The final grade for my class included a 20 minute powerpoint presentation that outlined our final projects. This is when I realized that more than half of the class can't speak properly. And by properly, I mean not at all. I was APPALLED by the over usage of the words "like," and "um" and actually started to keep track of how many times each speaker would repeat those words. I lost count once the speaker rounded 40.

"Ummmmmmm, you know."

No, I don't know. Explain it to me. I know what? What are you trying to say? Is it necessary speak this phrase at the end of every sentence, because I DON'T understand the words that are coming from your mouth.

"It's a whole nother thing."


I'm no public speaking phenom by any means, but I do make a conscience effort to slow down, eliminate as many "ums," and "you knows" as possible. I do incorporate "cuz" and "um" at times, and I've even caught myself exclaiming, "that's a whole nother thing."

Ick. Ick. Ick.

Don't even get me started on the word "like." Once again, not claiming perfection here, I throw slang around like it's my job. It becomes a problem when the lines between speaking with slang and speaking properly are blurred. I've not only noticed this with myself, but with other professionals that I encounter on a daily basis.

Resolution #3 is to speak better, especially on a professional level. Chit chatting with girlfriends is one thing, but when a client asks me a question such as, "What are the benefits of sending my patients to your facility," and I start my reply with, "Ummmmm, you know," my insides twist, and I cringe because I know I've already blown it.


I want to start my declarative sentence off as a declarative sentence.

"The benefits of sending your patients to our facility are.........blah, blah, blippity, blah."

I want to dramatically reduce the usage of the words like, um, cuz, nother, and you know.

We're all educated - time to start acting educated.

Like, you know?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Christmas time is in full swing, and I'm so, so, SO far behind.

I had planned to put off everything Christmas until I finished my last class on the 11th. Last Thursday rolled around and I presented my final presentation and passed in my final project. My professor emailed my grade on Monday. Drummmmmmmmmmmm roll please......


I was concerned about what grade I was getting when my Professor gave a speech during our final class. "I hardly award A's. Mostly B's. I reserve A's for the students that passed in exceptional work."

I was confident about the work I passed in this semester, but I wouldn't exactly deem myself exceptional.

But if my Professor does, who am I to argue?

Now that class is over, and I'm officially graduating this month with my Masters (finally), I can now focus on Christmas. I volunteered to host Christmas Eve at my house, which means not only do I have to plan and execute a menu, I have to decorate and prepare my home for family members that have not been over to see the house yet.

Seems easy enough right? Except a) I've never hosted ANYTHING before, and b) I've yet to introduce myself to our oven. I'm very acquainted with the other appliances (microwave, toaster oven, washing machine) just not the oven.

On Sunday I decided to skip the menu planning part and dive right into the decorate and prepare the house part. Brian scurried off to the Pats game, and I began painting the upstairs guest bedroom.


I'm STILL working on the bathroom, and plan to finish it tomorrow. Still, no menu.

But the bathroom will look pretty :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Quit Picking On Me....Resolution #2

I have a confession to make.

I'm a picker. A bad picker.

I manage to pick a teeny-tiny zit turning it from non-existent into a gaping Grand Canyon sized crater.

Scabs, hair, zits, ANYTHING that I can pick at....I pick at.

Pick, pick, pick.......

After I'm done picking, I think to myself, "why did I just do that?"

Chances are, I'm not alone.

So resolution #2 is to stop. Stop picking.

This one is going to be hard.

Happy Monday.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

10 in 2010 Challenge - Resulution #1

I am officially launching my "10 In 2010 Challenge!"

For those of you who remember this post, I'm big on the resolutions, and have challenged all of you to join in.

Throughout the month of December I will be posting all ten of my resolutions - I haven't thought of them all, but I WILL have ten by the time 2010 rolls around.

Without further ado....

Resolution #1:

I am somewhat cheating on resolution #1 because it's a resolution that I've had in the past. I enjoyed it so much that I'm bringing it back for 2010. I will read 1 book each month for a total of 12 books for the year 2010. My first book:

Yup, that's right - I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

So who wants to join my "10 in 2010 Challenge?"

Post your Resolution #1 in my comments section - that way we can share ideas in case anyone gets stuck coming up with 10.

Remember to challenge yourself to make your resolutions action oriented, and specific....it's more fun that way!

Let the games begin!!!