Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Christmas time is in full swing, and I'm so, so, SO far behind.

I had planned to put off everything Christmas until I finished my last class on the 11th. Last Thursday rolled around and I presented my final presentation and passed in my final project. My professor emailed my grade on Monday. Drummmmmmmmmmmm roll please......


I was concerned about what grade I was getting when my Professor gave a speech during our final class. "I hardly award A's. Mostly B's. I reserve A's for the students that passed in exceptional work."

I was confident about the work I passed in this semester, but I wouldn't exactly deem myself exceptional.

But if my Professor does, who am I to argue?

Now that class is over, and I'm officially graduating this month with my Masters (finally), I can now focus on Christmas. I volunteered to host Christmas Eve at my house, which means not only do I have to plan and execute a menu, I have to decorate and prepare my home for family members that have not been over to see the house yet.

Seems easy enough right? Except a) I've never hosted ANYTHING before, and b) I've yet to introduce myself to our oven. I'm very acquainted with the other appliances (microwave, toaster oven, washing machine) just not the oven.

On Sunday I decided to skip the menu planning part and dive right into the decorate and prepare the house part. Brian scurried off to the Pats game, and I began painting the upstairs guest bedroom.


I'm STILL working on the bathroom, and plan to finish it tomorrow. Still, no menu.

But the bathroom will look pretty :)


  1. OMGosh, congrats on the A-! Man I always sucked at school but I'm very proud of you for getting your Masters!!

    Can't wait to see what 'after' looks like. Good luck with planning and have a wonderful Christmas Princess!!


  2. Yay you! So proud! Congrats lovey :)

  3. Many congrats! I need to get going on our guest bath myself. Sigh. Big project. Hope yours went well!