Monday, February 8, 2010

Puppy Madness

Boy was everyone right - puppies are a ton of work.

We are in the process of house/crate training, and although it's taking it's toll on us, Simon is doing very well. He is already sleeping through the night, and not having accidents in his crate. He is however still having accidents in the kitchen. Thank God for hardwood flooring!!!

We're learning his personality and his habits: eat, potty, play, pass out. For some strange reason he likes to pass out in his water bowl. It's very strange.

Poor Brian has been sleeping on the floor outside the crate, and I've been cuddling with the kitties in the bed to make sure they don't feel neglected by the new addition.

My female kitty - not a happy camper.

Off to make coffee. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post this week due to lack of sleep......

Oh, and Simon is the first puppy on the left in the pic I posted last week. Any guesses on the breed????

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  1. I've heard having a puppy is a bit like having a new baby! Hopefully he'll acclimate soon enough.

    Is he a Newfie? That's my only guess.