Thursday, June 24, 2010

Under Where?

Being that Simon is my very first dog - I'm learning that just like my cats, Simon has his own little weirdo quirks.

For example - my laundry room is directly off of my kitchen. I leave the door open because the laundry room houses Ebenezer's favorite window. It's the window that overlooks our bird feeder, so this is where he chooses to spend a good chunk of his time. It also has a tile floor that stays cool year round. Newfoundlands don't do so great with the heat, so Simon likes to lay on cold surfaces. Since my two boys like to hang out in there, I always leave the door open.

The laundry room also houses my laundry basket that houses our dirty clothes. Including.....underpants.

Simon has a strange fascination with my underpants. He will nose through the laundry basket pull out a pair and drag them into the kitchen. He will then go back to the hamper, and get another pair, and put them in a different spot in the kitchen. Essentially he ends up surrounded by my underwear as he usually arranges them in a big circle around him and hangs out in the middle. He doesn't chew on them or eat them. He just kind of hangs out with them. It's a very strange site to come home and find my nickers strewn all over the kitchen -as if an underwear bandit tornadoe-d through without taking the underwear with him.

I'm sure his obsession with my delicates has something to do with my scent being strongest on that particular article of clothing and that's why he chooses them over say a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. I try to look past the gross factor of him putting my dirty underwear in his mouth and dragging them all over my kitchen floor. I try to convince myself that he loves me so much, he yearns to surround himself with my scent when I'm not around.

I'm working on the I'm still leaning towards the gross factor.


  1. Ha, Simon! You sick puppy ;)You're HUGE!! What is your mama feeding you!? Wait...I know all about it!

  2. When my kitty was a kitten she used to drag around my thongs and hurl them in the air like toys. It was really nice when she did it in front of company. HA!

  3. Hahah dogs are so weird. Kodiak is currently wrapped around the toilet sleeping, probably because it's the coolest place in the house.

    And he used to try and lick my thighs when I got out of the shower. I love him,

    And also? I really want our Newfies to meet :)

  4. I really want our newfies to meet too!
    We should get together once things settle down with you and your new bundle of joy!!! Heading over to your site now to over a big congrats!!!