Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Monday Random Monday

* I've never been to Europe. Or Vegas. Or Washington D.C. Or the Grand Canyon.

* I've been to Central America.

* I can't remember which continent Central America belongs to - North or South?

* Sometimes I like to sleep with socks on. Sometimes I hate sleeping with socks on.

* Mia sleeps on my pillow and I sleep on Mia.

* Brian hates it when Mia sleeps on his pillow because she leaves behind a ton of orange kitty hair. I think it's funny when Mia sleeps on Brian's pillow because I swear she does it to piss him off.

* I'm allergic to certain toothpastes. I have to use cheap 99 cent AIM toothpaste because the other brands have too much crap in them and cause my lips to crack and bleed.

* Speaking of allergies, if I drink too much orange juice in one day my body breaks out in hives.

* Speaking of speaking of allergies I'm allergic to every grass, mold, tree, and weed, yet breathe easy around cats, dogs, and other animals.

* Speaking of speaking of speaking of allergies, Lily's give me massive sinus headaches.

* I don't like to give change to people that stand on the side of the road with signs that say, "Family to feed, please help." I'm convinced they are lying and plan on using the money to buy drugs.

* Sometimes I forget to take poop bags with me when I walk Simon. Sometimes Simon poops when I don't have poop bags. Sometimes he poops twice. In two different spots. Sometimes I go back and pick up his mess later in the day. Sometimes I don't.

* I cleaned out half of Brian's t-shirts from him dresser. He hasn't noticed that his drawers are significantly less full.

* In second grade I plagiarized short stories from my Highlights magazines and passed them in as my own work. I won several awards for my stories from my teacher. I was proud that I was smart enough to fool the teacher.

* I cheated on my religion final junior and senior year of high school.

* This is my head piece for the wedding

Don't hate.

Happy Monday!


  1. aww your kitty is so cute - and speaking of allergies, that reminds me that I need to start taking my daily Zyrtec if I don't want to die once Spring arrives.

  2. Oh my gosh. I recently found out I was allergic to toothpaste too!!! People I tell think I am lying! They don't say it, but I can read it on their face!

    I'll have to try out your toothpaste! My hygienist actually told me you don't NEED toothpaste these days. That brushing with water and rinsing with mouthwash would do the trick. I'm just not down with that. I'd rather bleed and have skin peeling inside my mouth than NOT use toothpaste. It's just not the same.