Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Smells?

I watch movies like this and I want to adopt another animal.

But then I'm forced to remind myself that this week Mia urinated on a shirt I left on the floor. What's worse is that I then proceeded to wear the shirt and walk around for half the morning wondering who and what smelled so bad.

After about three hours wearing the shirt, I finally figured out it was my own sleeve. It was me that smelled so bad.

Yeah, my hands are already full.

I need to stop leaving my clothes on the floor.

I need to stop wearing clothes off the floor.

No more pets.

For now.


  1. This is so hilarious and so very gross at the same time!! THREE HOURS!

  2. I totally understand. We have three dogs and I am already going crazy most of the time. Then I see some stray pit bull, and I'm all "I need to bring him home with me." Then I remember that last disgusting or irritating thing that happened and just keep driving. By the CONGRATS on your wedding! I know I am a little late :)