Sunday, October 21, 2012


While folding laundry this afternoon, I came across a new VH1 show called, "I Married A...."

A show that chronicles the lives of individuals that are in very unconventional relationships.

I'm a type A, anal retentive, OCD, cleaning obsessed control freak, and Brian's idea of being prepared is having clean underwear - that's about as unconventional as I get....

So back to the show.....

As I folded my husband's clean underwear and t-shirts, I watched the following couple with my mouth agape and one thought running over and over in my mind:

"What the F*CK?"

Apparently this couple is married, are both considered heterosexual, yet he is a gay porn star.  A straight gay porn star.  And she is ok with it.

This prompted me to run downstairs to use my husband as a little research project.

"Honey, can a man have sex with another man if he isn't gay? Can a guy take it up the a*s and still be straight?"

Again, I get shot the look of criminal insanity. That's happening a lot around here lately.

After the look of criminal insanity, he replies: "I don't know what the hell you're watching up there, but the answer is no."

I wanted throw this question out to you - is it possible to be "Gay for Pay?" Can a straight man get and maintain an erection, engage in sex with another man, and still be a straight man?

Ladies, quick, go ask your husband. I'm guessing you'll get the criminally insane look as well.

My take - I say both hubby and wife are in denial. If a man can engage in consensual sexual activity with another man, my opinion is that he is not straight. As Phoebe from Friends once sang:

"Sometimes men love women, and sometimes men love men. And then there are bi-sexuals but some just say they're kidding themselves......"

There are some that believe that sexual preference is complex - that preference is not a black and white issue.  Some believe that sexual preference is a sliding scale with straight at one end and gay at the other with a whole bunch of other stuff to fill the middle. Sort of gay, sort of straight, gay with straight tendencies and vice versa.  Again, I disagree.  You either prefer men or you prefer women.  Bi-sexuality is just a bridge that leads to one or the other.


  1. hmm...this is really interesting to me. Interesting in the fact that I have never heard of something like this before, and I know that I would not be able to be in this type of relationship. Especially now that I'm married, I feel that the vows Russ & I said to each other would be violated if I were to approve of this. I'm sure there is a way to justify it for them that they feel it doesn't violate the marriage vows, but to me I just don't see it.
    I realize the saying "you can look at the menu but not order from it" would somewhat apply here, but I still think it would take it a step too far - he's receiving pleasure from this, therefor it's not just looking and saying that someone is attractive, or has a nice nose, or eye features.
    To me, this is just plain bizarre. There is no way I would approve of this or be able to survive in a relationship where this happened.

  2. Personally knowing this couple, the answer to your question is, No he is not just gay for pay. His wife doesn't want to accept it. He can be seen at the local gay club almost every weekend dancing and making out with men, while his wife is also in attendance.