Sunday, October 7, 2012


I'm no expert on the subject of marriage. 

I only have one year of marriage experience under my belt but I've managed to acquire a small amount of knowledge when it comes to successfully navigating the sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent, seas of matrimony. 

Sometimes you will be right, and your spouse will be wrong.

Sometimes your spouse will be right, and you will be wrong.

Either way, it doesn't really matter.

Name calling, berating comments, and dirty looks will never help when trying to resolve a disagreement. It will only add gasoline to the fire.

Sometimes the other person just wants to be heard. Although you may not see where they are coming from, or agree with their position, it's important to HEAR them, and to acknowledge that how they feel matters. Even if you feel that your spouse's position is unjustified - just consider their point of view.

Don't walk away if your spouse is looking for you to listen.

Walk away if you feel like you're going to spat out something you'll regret saying.

Words can hurt, so consider them carefully before you unleash them.  Once they are spoken, you can't take them back.

Make up.  Say you're sorry for starting the fight.  Say you're sorry for fighting back.  Promise each other to work on communicating better, to listening better, to helping around the house better, to nagging better (or less).

Make love. Nothing says I'm sorry like gettin' your groove on.

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