Thursday, October 25, 2012


Have you ever noticed how much people just don't stretch?

Thursday nights I attempt to make it to a yoga class at a local yoga studio.  I tend to start the class tense and stiff, but as class progresses, I begin to loosen up and feel really good.  So good I often wonder, why don't I stretch more on my own.

Why don't we stretch more on our own?

Stretching feels good - really, really, really good, but I seldom do it except right after working out.  Even as I stretch after a workout, I normally rush through it because it's stretching. And I want to get it over with.

But why do we feel the need to hurry through the stretching when it feels sooooooooo good?

Ideally, I would love to get up in the morning, and dedicate 10-15 minutes of stretching but as much as stretching feels good, sleeping an additional 10-15 minutes is so much better.

Maybe I should try to stretch more.

However, as I'm typing, my eyelids are slowly closing so maybe I should hold on to that extra 10-15 minutes of sleep instead....

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