Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Featured Blog

Now and then I try to discover new fabulous blogs to read. I've decided to feature a new blog every month in order to spread the fabulous-ness....

I accidentally came across Vittles a few weeks back, and I've been hooked. I am a complete novice when it comes to matters of the kitchen. I can microwave and boil successfully but anything beyond that is left to chance. The recipes featured on this site seem delicious and executable even if you require a detailed map to navigate even the most basic of kitchens. I've yet to try making these recipes, but I'm dying to attempt the the baby molten cakes. Any food that has "molten" or "cake" in it's title makes me and my tummy excited!

In the meantime I spend my time perusing this site, salivating over the pictures, and imagining what my kitchen would look like after attempting to make one of these recipes. I must brag - I haven't set the new kitchen on fire yet - I may have stunk up the place with some burnt eggs last weekend - but no fires.

Check it out!!

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