Friday, September 4, 2009


I'm convinced I have swine flu. Or a really bad cold.

I prefer to say that I have swine flu; it sounds much more serious, thus resulting in a higher level of sympathy from loved ones.....except now, Brian has swine flu, so the only one in this house providing the sympathy is, well, no one.

I came down with my cold, er, I mean, swine flu on Monday. Brian got sick yesterday. I'm feeling much better, but now I'm dealing with a coughy, phlegmy, runny nosed boy who doesn't want to eat chicken soup, drink tea, or be propped up on dozens of pillows, but just wants to be left alone.

What fun is that? I'm trying to dote, but he doesn't want to be doted on. What's up with that? I love being doted on when I'm sick.

Boys are so weird.

Pics of the ring (I promise) when the pigs leave the building.


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