Thursday, September 10, 2009


Thank you to my readers that gave suggestions on how to take a closeup picture of the ring. Unfortunately, this is the best picture I could get!! Although it doesn't give the ring the props it deserves - it really is much prettier - at least you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Things have been bananas!! We're FINALLY feeling better and getting our energy back. We spent the entire Labor Day Weekend quarantined in the house. A word of advice - get your flu shots ASAP!!!

I also started classes this week - I am finishing up my graduate degree this fall and am anticipating to graduate in December - go me.

With being sick, doing classwork, working full time and picking up extra shifts at the shelter, wedding planning has been non-existent. We are planning on looking at my first pick this Saturday, so we're definitely on the right track - slowly, but surely.

So my question to you is: where does wedding planning begin? I haven't purchased any bridal magazines because I'm attempting to stay away from any unnecessary purchases - any extra money I have, I want to sink into the wedding. I've been all over, which seems to have great information.



  1. Yeayyyy! I am so excited you're engaged now! (Me too!) My personal fave is Wedding Bee. They have amazing bloggers, posts, boards, classifieds, etc... Check 'em out! They are a must for the RSS reader.

  2. Forget the magazines...they are a waste. The local Knot message boards were a great resource to me, as were wedding blogs.

    Beeeeaaaautiful! He did well :)