Friday, October 2, 2009

WTF? Friday

Note to self: Items of clothing that you find appealing on the internet because they look fabulous on some 6'5, 92lb model might not be as appealing on you. Okay?

My lunchtime jaunt to the mall to buy this.....

.....was as successful as a quadriplegic performing a root canal.

Have you ever attempted to wrap cottage cheese in a lycra burrito? Well trying on this dress is comparable. Really bad clingage around the butt, too much drapy loosage around the boobs. I was a tranny trainwreck all up in that store.

HOWEVER - had I been trying out for the Flavor of Love show wearing that dress, I would have been a front running contestant. I probably would have even been given a really nice a*s flattering nickname. Something like, "Boom Boom Pow," or "BootyTasteeLicious." But since I live a very non-ghetto fabulous existence, I had to pass on this disastrous ensemble.

I'm still getting the shoes though. Helllllllllllls ya!!!

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