Monday, November 9, 2009


Last week I was shopping at the local drugstore for a birthday card when I noticed something horrific: Christmas cards are ALREADY gracing the shelves.

It's here already???

There are approximately 6 weeks left in 2009. 2010 is peaking out at us from around the corner, and I'm a huge believer in New Years resolutions. WAIT - don't shoot - let me explain!!!

In 2006 I made some really hard core resolutions for 2007:
1) Become a certified SPIN instructor
2) Volunteer
3) Read one book a month
4) Take piano lessons

These are things that I always wanted to do and never had the time, the money, the drive or the guts. In 2007 I made the time, had the money, and mustered up the courage and the motivation. At the end of 2007, I had completed each one of these resolutions. Now, I teach my own SPIN class on Monday nights, and I volunteer every other Saturday at an animal sheltering organization. I kept up the piano lessons for a year and half but unfortunately had to shelve them for now (to save money) but plan on taking them up again someday. The reading has also taken a back seat, but I did complete the twelve books for 2007.

I got lazy for 2008 and 2009 and didn't make any resolutions, however, 2009 has been my biggest year yet: bought my first home, moved in with Brian, got ENGAGED to Brian, and I'll be obtaining my graduate degree next month. It's probably a good thing I didn't make any resolutions, since I really don't think I had any room for them this year.

2010 is coming up, and I'm starting to think of some new resolutions. I'm putting out a challenge. A New Years resolution challenge. I challenge each of you to come up with 10 (YES 10) action-oriented resolutions. What do I mean by action oriented? Here is an example: "I want to lose weight in 2010." That resolution is too vague, and chances are, you'll have given up by mid-January. Instead, try something like: "I'm going to take that Zumba class/rock climb/run a race" whatever. Another example: "I want to be a better person in 2010." What does that mean? How are you going to be a better person? So instead, "I will become a big sister/serve meals at homeless shelters/walk dogs for a shelter/participate in fundraisers...etc."

Resolutions can be as simple as: "I want to FINALLY clean out my bedroom closet."

Get creative, have fun with it. It's not meant to be about stress or anxiety, and it doesn't have to cost a dime. It's about finally doing something you've always wanted to do, and just haven't. So start thinking about it. 2010 is going to be a great year!

Let's Play!!


  1. Well, I already know one for sure!! This year I ran a few races and the 10K was a big deal to me. Next year I want to run either the 10 mile race they have here every year or the half marathon. I'm doing it!!! I'll post my other resolutions soon!

  2. Wow, you've had an exciting year!
    This is fun. I have two so far. One, become a certified personal trainer, and two, run a 5K. I'll have to think of some others...