Monday, November 2, 2009

Tricking & Treating

In honor of our pending nuptials, Brian decided to dress up as his favorite Spartan Warrior......

....and I got to be his Spartan Queen.....Obviously.

I figured if Brian got to sport a fake chest, then I should too - I stuffed enough toilet paper in my bra to start a small fire. His chest still managed to be bigger than mine. Lucky.

Some of my faves:

I usually hate spiders, but I had a change of heart after meeting this one:

What do you get when you mix together a spartan, a cowboy, a hippie, and a race car driver? Grown men looking absolutely ridiculous!

They were just so big and juicy. I just couldn't resist.....

.....realllllll classy Grecian Queen....real classy!

See you next year!

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