Saturday, December 26, 2009

Over Already?

Every year I'm amazed at how quickly Christmas comes....and how quickly Christmas goes. We spend weeks/days/hours shopping and wrapping and preparing for a day that seems to be over in a blink of the eye. The underbelly of my Christmas tree is no longer stocked full of presents. It looks so barren and pathetic under the tree which the cats are LOVING because they once again have enough room to sleep under there.

I purchased PS3 for Brian after years of being dead set against having gaming systems in the home.

I had convinced him he was getting practical gifts this year - socks, underwear, work clothes - things of that nature. I had done such a good job of hammering this point home that he actually moped around the house 2 days before Christmas claiming, "you've ruined Christmas," and "I have nothing to be excited about." I briefly (and I stress briefly) felt bad that he was so bummed about receiving his imaginary boxers and socks, that I almost told him that his Christmas gift wasn't entirely practical, and that it had elements of impracticalities, and he should remain excited for Christmas.

Instead, I retorted with statements like, "you need this stuff," and "this really isn't the year to be spending money on frivolous gifts." My replies were met with more sulking and moping and feet stomping throughout the house while he coined me as "The Ruin-er of Christmas."

It was all worth it when he opened his PS3 on Christmas morning.

"Shut up. SHUT. UP. this what I think it is?"

I swear the gift gave him a big enough boner that people in China were being poked with it.

"The Ruin-er of Christmas" is now being called "The Best Fiance Ever."


  1. Oh man. You put me to shame. I'm still saying no to the PS3. He is wearing me down with the fact that it plays blu rays though. Ah ha ha

  2. Hahahaha. This is hilarious! Happy Christmas.

  3. hehehe - that's what my hubby got too. But then again, we already have an Xbox 360 and a Wii. This was to round out his "collection". Happy New Year...

  4. I was dead set against it too, but he already had a PS2 and somehow I convinced myself that getting him a Wii would be better than a PS3 and at least offer some level of movement, you know, besides the fingers. I think, no, actually I'm sure that he would have liked a PS3 better, but he was still pretty excited. I feel slightly guilty. Slightly. Happy New Year!