Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Evil. And I Like It.

My Monday night SPIN class was packed - a sign that I wasn't the only woman that has set out to lose a part of herself for the New Year. All of the bikes were taken, and I actually had to turn women away and encourage them to arrive earlier next week in order to secure a bike.

The women that had secured a bike had no idea what they were about to get themselves into as I proceeded to beat the hell out of them for an hour. I don't think they realize that the dirty looks work against them - with each angry glare from the back row, with each eye roll, with each heavy "this b*tch is crazy" sigh, I am forced to push you harder - because you asked for it....because I'm enjoying watching you suffer, and sweat, and hate my very existence.

I've had this discussion many times with my sister:

"Ugh, I would so hate you if I were taking your class. You're such an evil b*tch."

I realize that my approach doesn't work for everyone. Some people aren't motivated by loud hard bumping music, and an instructor telling them "quit being lazy, you can do this," but it's what works for me.

When I'm the student instead of the teacher, and I hear the instructor float the word "lazy" or the phrases, "work harder," "you can do this," and "challenge yourself," I start an internal dialogue with myself:

"I can do this, I am being lazy, I know I can push myself harder." And then I do. When I get home, I thank the evil SPIN instructor for pushing me to work harder because I have trouble pushing myself.

If you want to be coddled, have lunch with your Grandmother. If you want to be pushed, and encouraged, and worked hard, then I'll see you on Monday night.


  1. You sound really mean. Can I come take your class? ;-)

  2. awww i wish i could take your monday night spin class!!! I just started going - i've been to 3 classes, and it's a great workout although I find it totally depends on how good the instructor is!!

  3. I need you as a personal trainer. I need my arse kicked in gear!