Monday, February 15, 2010

All Things Puppy

Yes, I know - puppy this, puppy that - but as of late, my entire life has revolved around this pup. Eating, crating, sleeping, chewing, peeing, pooping, licking, playing, kissing - it's been all about the pup.

Approximately 6 years ago, when I was still living with a roommate and not allowed to have a pet of my own, my sister bought me a lawn ornament cat. I used to keep it in a corner on the landing of my old apartment, and I always considered her my very first kitty. When we moved to the new house, I put her in the living room by the fireplace. We discovered Simon sleeping next to her on more than one occasion, so we decided to transfer her into his crate. We haven't figured it out if he thinks of her as his girlfriend, or his baby:

What we have figured out is that he loves her. And that she helps him sleep through the night.

Thank God for inanimate lawn ornaments!


  1. You have a serious Aw factor here. Years ago our collie mix had a handsome visitor. We thought there was a bear in our yard the first time we saw him. The neighbors had a hard time keeping him home and soon enought we had a Newfie (actually four) and we kept Smokey who favored his Daddy. Smokey was the sweetest dog in the whole world. When strangers drove into the yard they were met at the car door by eye level curiousity of a very large pup who just knew he had someone new to play with. The strangers were sure they were doomed. Such silly people. At least they stayed in their cars till encouraged out by one of our family. Very large dogs need lots of room and training. We lived on an old farm and Smokey had a wonderful life.

  2. So Cute.... your life sounds a bit like mine right now...except my baby isn't has hairy as yours!!! I hope you got the text message I sent you and didn't have to read about Paige on my blog. :(

  3. Sweetness! I want to meet you, Simon!

  4. Haha wait till he does that second pose when he's big. We call it "airing out his boy parts" and he does it all the time :)