Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hot Mess

I'm finally coming to terms with the stress that is my wardrobe.

One third of my wardrobe consists of clothes that will fit if I lose a range of 5-10 lbs. Clothes that were expensive. Clothes that were tailored. Clothes that are beautiful and haven't graced my body in about a year. I miss them terribly....

One third consists of clothes that I don't like, that I would never wear, that I haven't worn either in a long time or EVER because...well, because I just don't like them.

The last third consists of everything else that I am wearing. I hate this third because I wear the same articles of clothing over and over again and they're becoming faded, or worn looking and I'm in serious need of some new threads.

I've been shuffling through the last few pair of pants that actually fit. 4. Pants. That's it. And out of the 4, none are solid black. I do not own one solid pair of black pants.

I should be banished to wardrobe hell.

To make things even worse, I have a huge (and I mean HUGE) sales meeting tomorrow where I may or may not win an award for 2009. I had a great outfit planned - black pinstriped pants, with a red shirt and black & white suit coat. Simple, understated, professional. This just happens to be the one simple, understated, professional outfit I have left that I have been wearing to ALL of my meetings. Thank heavens these meetings consist of different groups of people or my colleagues would know that I indeed wear the same thing over and over again.

Disaster struck this evening at about 8 pm when I discovered that the hem had completely unraveled, and since it's a cuff hem, I can't even begin to fix them. I do have other pants, but they don't go with the suit coat, and my other suit coats don't go either. Now I'm down to 3 pair of pants. One pair of black with pink pinstripes, a pair of brown, and a pair of blue. A white collared shirt would suffice with any of these choices, HOWEVER, I'm going to be so nervous about the damn award tomorrow that I will most likely sweat right through it. Hence why the suit coat comes in handy; I know I'm sweating like a priest in a whore house but you don't.

So instead of attempting to put together another outfit, I decided to watch Idol, and then blog. I'll deal with my outfit dilemma at 5 am tomorrow morning. Let's just pray I come up with something that matches, and something I won't sweat through.

And yes, I do wear deodorant. I just get real sweaty when I'm nervous.



  1. I would got to Marshalls or TJ Maxx and stock up on same basics that fit you now, but don't cost a fortune. I did that when I was between sizes. It made me feel better to have more clothes, but not too guilty about the amount of money I spent.

    And now, now that my shape seems to change every 5 days, I've been upgrading as needed. I'm pretty set with 3 pairs of maternity pants (regular jeans, skinny jeans for boots and a pair of tan cords) and just buy shirts as needed. But I'll telly you, I'm already tired of the ones I've been wearing ALL THE TIME.

  2. I'm a Super Sweater too.

    Good luck with the award!!!! You will look great, no matter what you wear. And maybe you can treat yourself to a new suit after you WIN!