Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Comfort vs. Fashion: Where To Draw The Line?

As the years pass by and I unavoidably continue to age (GASP!) I am finding that I am sometimes forgoing fashion for comfort.

Case in point: My house consists of hardwood floors throughout. Great for when Simon relieves himself, or Ebenezer vomits up breakfast - horrible for walking around on or standing for long periods of time. I've noticed over the months that my back aches when I stand to0 long and the arches of my feet start to burn. I've also read that not wearing the proper support on your feet and walking/standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time, over time, will lead to varicose veins.


I've always been a huge slipper advocate, however, the standard slipper just wasn't cutting it. I do not believe in wearing outdoor shoes around the house, (another pet peeve of mine - no shoes in the house!) but I was finding that navigating through the house felt so much better when I had my running sneaks on.

So I thought to myself, "Self, the internet is FOR SURE a place to find a house slipper that provides the support of a sneaker." Off I went to type in searches of "comfort support slipper." What I found were options suitable for senior citizens, diabetics, and those suffering from plantar fasciitis (whatever that is, it doesn't sound fun).

Some of my options:

1) The "Slip-On" Slipper

This style isn't that bad. It's just so generic, and dull, and looks like it should be paired with a shower cap, hair rollers, and a strip of hair bleach across my upper lip....not like I ever bleach my upper lip or anything....

2) The "Ortho-Heel" Slipper

Any shoe/slipper that has the word "Ortho" in it's title should also come with an age recommendation, somewhat like board games do. This slipper should boast, "Recommended for ages 65 and up."

3) The "Vera" Slipper

Don't let this little number fool you. Giving a slipper a pornstar name, does not make it sexy or stylish. The only thing remotely seductive or sultry about "The Vera" is that it is metallic. And. That. Is. About. It.

I had to keep in mind that any pair I were to purchase would be met with snickers and jokes from Brian. I had to keep looking. I had to find a pair that was comfortable, and inconspicuous, and warm. And that's when I came across these:

These are the FitFlop Women's Ultra Lounge Slipper, and they are FREAKING amazing. I bought them in gray so they wouldn't be so obvious on my feet. This "ultra lounge" slipper boasts the ability to "boost overall leg and calf muscle activity" What? A workout in a slipper? You don't say! Sign me up for working out WHILST doing dishes! Fabulous!

These little wonders fit like a sneaker, but are warm and cozy. I find myself taking them off because subconsciously it feels like I'm wearing my shoes around the house. When I modeled these for Brian, I was met with, "Eh, those aren't so bad. They look comfortable."

And comfortable they are. And if I'm not mistaken, I THINK I've seen the little teeny boppers wearing something similar to these with jeans.

So have I managed to find comfort without aging myself? Did I do a good job in walking the fine line between house wear and absolute embarrassment to my tootsies?


  1. Very cute! You definitely picked the best option.

    I too hate shoes in the house! What do you do when guests come over?

  2. If it's Brian's friends, I have him "forewarn" them that I am going to ask them to remove their shoes when they come in the house.

    My friends and family share the same pet peeve - so they automatically remove their shoes when they come over.

    I have no problem asking people to remove shoes. My house. My rules. Bottom line. I usually just say that it's been scientifically proven that shoes have a percentage of fecal material on the bottom of them. People are usually more than happy to oblige once they hear that ;)

  3. We never wear shoes in the house...most of the time we're barefoot. I could use a new pair of slippers though!

  4. I NEED those slippers! My feet always hurt in the house, but I could never find myself a non geriatric pair either. I'll be ordering a pair.

  5. I made the transition to ugly teacher shoes last year after my feet started to ache when I was running... But I do like the slippers you managed to find. :)