Friday, March 12, 2010

Shoppity Shop Shop

Daylight Savings Time signifies that Spring is right around the corner. In honor of Spring's arrival, I figured the most appropriate way to celebrate was to do some online shopping for a few wardrobe staples.

I started with a basic pair of weekend or casual Friday khakis from Ms. Liz Claiborne:

Then I found this little purple number - a cardigan from Three Dots - that could pass for weekend attire, or work wear:

New jeans are always a good idea, especially when they're on sale!

And to tie it all together, a fun pair of metallic flats:

All of these items were found at Zappos. What is great is that they offer FREE SHIPPING both ways. So if something doesn't fit, I send it back. For free!

That gets me really excited!

Have a wonderful Friday, and a great weekend. I'm off to find a fire extinguisher because my credit card is on fire!

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  1. Oh I like this shopping post! I suggest you do post on makeup application too - you're so good at that!