Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fur Babies Part Two

I can't resist. More pictures of my furry children. With Ebenezer feeling better, I've reverted back to enjoying how wonderful my little zoo is, how much I love them, and how much joy (vomit on the rug, urine on the kitchen table leg, poop accidents in the hallway, hair all over EVERYTHING) they bring to my household.
When we got Simon, he was about the same size as Ebenezer - roughly 16-18lbs. It was a fair fighting match back in February.

Simon could fit comfortably on our laps for snuggling. We would constantly pick him up and dance with him, cuddle with him, and give him giant hugs - I mean look at him - he was built for hugging.....
Simon has quadrupled in size. He averages about 10lbs of growth each month. At the beginning of September he weighed in at a whopping 102lbs at 9 months old. Snuggling and hugging is really no longer an option. I can't believe he was ever a little bug.

They grow up so darn fast.....

Each time he needs to pee at 3am, or chews a pair of my shoes, or furniture or chases after a squirrel dragging me along with him I tell myself - "No WAY would I do this again..."

But then I look at his baby pictures and I melt - and want to do it all over again....

So this must be how people end up with so many kids of the non-furry variety.....

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