Monday, October 25, 2010


I am very behind on my blogging. It's not that I don't have tons to write about, it's just that I can't manage to carve out the time to write about it.

BUT - as part of Detoxtober, I am taking the time this week.

SO - things that are coming this week (as I'm vowing to blog every day) include organizing, bridesmaid dresses, sex (again!), health challenges, and date night stuff.

I wanted to kick off the week by giving major props to my future hubs, Brian. I've been a Spin instructor for three years and Brian has never attended any of my classes. Ever.


As a matter of fact, Brian hasn't stepped foot in a gym in like 10 years.

So last week he made the comment, "I think I'll come to your class next week," as little pigs flew around his head.

Jedi mind tricks?
What is going on?

I stared at him disbelief. I've asked over and over and over again for him to come to class and I was always met with, "No. You're scary and mean. I don't want to die."

Not only did he show up tonight, but he did EVERYthing I asked of him. Up, down, faster, slower, over, harder, longer.....he kept up with my most fit regulars.

Then we went home and ate pizza :)

With Pepperoni.

And ice cream.

Happy Monday!!!


  1. That is wonderful! Great job, Brian!!

    And just so you know, our dry spell is over. I've offically hit the horny stage of pregnancy. The hubs is in heaven. :)

  2. HAHA! YAY - go you!!! I'm jealous ;)

  3. Wow - how cool is that? I bet he feels so proud to see you in action.