Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Fur?

I admit it.

I have days when I wish I didn't have my animals.

Like the day when Ebenezer urinated blood all over the house including all over my living room furniture. Or the day when Mia vomited all over my bedroom, including in my bed. Or the time when Simon chewed the living heck out of the foot of our brand new kitchen table. Or the time when he had explosive diarrhea that I had to clean off his fur.

Side note: Cleaning diarrhea off the fur of a 120lb dog is like cleaning diarrhea off a 120lb human, except skin cleans up easier than fur.

Each morning I wake up to Mia sleeping on my head and Ebenezer licking my face. Simon is usually snoring at the foot of the bed.

Despite all the work it takes to maintain 3 animals (one the size of 4 combined animals), all the work it takes to maintain the house, and all the work it takes to maintain myself (we have approximately 10 lint brushes of varying sizes and types scattered throughout the house) I see videos like this one - and I want another animal.

Brian said if I really want to I can get another kitty after the wedding.....


  1. I can't lie - that video made me shed a tear or two. I wish so badly we could get a kitty - but I'm deathly allergic :(
    Russ and I "agreed" that for our wedding gifts to each other we'll get another dog. Both for ourselves and so Miley can have a brother/sister.
    Although I think we'll have to get something with short hair...long, golden hair is beginning to take over our lives. Can't wait for summer! ;)

  2. Since the baby we have a had a tough time with our animals and suddenly things like cleaning poop out of the tub every day because the damn cat is persnickity about her litter box and the dogs licking the couch causing stains is like the straw that broke the camel's back. I feel terrible that they don't get the attention they deserve and once received. But oh man, I am so ready for a break from pets.

  3. I'm tempted ALL the time. I lost one of my fur babies last summer and I really think it's time we get my poor lonely kitty a friend!

  4. I love Charley! He could teach Tees a thing or two ;)