Thursday, May 12, 2011

Funny But Not

I think this video is meant to be funny.
Unfortunately, I've been in this situation and I'm sure many of you with fur babies have as well.

Makes you think.....

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  1. oh man that video is so true! When your pet is healthy you think it's nuts how much people spend to bring it back to being healthy but when your same pet becomes sick or is in an accident, you do anything you can to help it (at least that's always been the way it goes in our family). We don't have dog insurance for Miley (we never have for our other pets growing up, either) but I know I would spend whatever it takes to help her...she is part of our family. And I know my parents have spent a TON of money on our pets in the past which may or may not have given us the end result, but in that moment there wasn't any hesitation.
    (yes, I realize this makes me-and my family-sound like a looney)