Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Heart Hurricanes

Although Hurricane Irene proved to be a pretty lackluster storm in my neck of the woods, the threat of Hurricane Irene proved to be extremely satisfying.

Allow me to explain. The threat of Hurricane Irene led to the Governor declaring a state of emergency for Massachusetts thus resulting in the gym deciding to close today.

That means I can't feel guilty about NOT working out 20 something days out from my wedding because technically I couldn't. No gym. No workout.

In addition, due to the threat of Irene and the urging of officials to stay inside, I really had no choice but to listen. I had no choice but to fold laundry, watch Legends of the Fall (old school Brad Pitt makes me drool profusely), clean bathrooms, get wedding stuff situated and cuddle with the kitties.

Which in my world is an IDEAL way to spend a rainy, windy, yucky Sunday.

My plan to "heed serious hurricane warnings" was almost foiled when at 11:00 am the electricity went out for all of 45 seconds.

ME: "Is the power out?"
Brian: "Yup. This is going to suck."
ME: "How are we going to watch movies all day?"
Brian: "I guess we'll just have to have sex all day."
ME: "No, seriously, what are we going to do about the movies???"

The power returned and it's been Brad Pitt, Bridezillas, Sex & The City, Jersey Shore and numerous other entertaining shows that I love, but that made Brian want to claw his eyes out with the remote.

How did you spend Hurricane Irene?

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  1. Legends of the Fall - SO good. My favorite is Meet Joe Black. I absolutely LOVE that movie.
    Glad you all survived the storm! Western PA wasn't affected, but I know that many to the east were!