Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Month

On Monday September 25th 2006, Brian and I went on our very first "date." Technically, it wasn't a date to either of us. Technically, it was two friends reconnecting and having dinner and drinks. I remember how cool and collective I was that night. I felt no pressure. I felt at ease. I didn't contemplate the "what ifs" because no "what ifs" existed. It was just a casual night out with a friend.

Neither one of us would have ever imagined that a Monday night get together would result in a marriage.

This is the very first photo we took together as a couple. We were at a cookout sometime in October. I don't remember who took the photo, but I remember being told to "smile." I leaned back and Brian wrapped his arms around my waist, and I remember thinking, "what do I do with my hands???"

If you had told us then that someday we would be getting married, we would have laughed in your face.

It's weird how things happen.

It's weird how the Universe unfolds it's plan to us.

Brian and I weren't supposed to last. We weren't supposed to get married. We were supposed to go out for drinks. We were supposed to casually date each other. We weren't supposed to get serious. We were supposed to be casual. We were supposed to be fun. We were supposed to fill the void until we met that special person to permanently fill the void.

Neither one of us saw this coming.

How does that saying go: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"

We were busy making other plans, and didn't even notice life unfolding in front of us.

In one month from today, our lives will be officially joined.

I can't believe it's almost here!


  1. Aww I love the photo - you two look so happy (and cute!) together! I cannot believe you're already down to the 1 month count! Crazy, but so, so, SO exciting!

  2. Good luck! Such a roller coaster that last month!

  3. Ricrackulousness ;-) Cannot wait! Love you.

  4. I love reading your blog posts :) Your story is so honest and real. I love your description of this first photo you took "what do I do with my hands"... I know you are ready for it all to be done with you can resume normal life. Just hold on tight for two more weeks... it will really be over before you know it and then you will have years and years of brian clawing his eyes out with the remote and you folding laundry while watching good TV re-runs and Brad Pitt movies :) It will be an amazing weekend :)