Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jersey. Sure.

I consider myself a highly intelligent woman.

A highly intelligent woman that thoroughly enjoys watching The Jersey Shore.

Actually, I don't just thoroughly enjoy watching The Jersey Shore, I f*cking love it.

If I weren't marrying the love of my life Brian, I would be hunting down Pauly D, and forcing him to have babies with me.

As much as I want to find his blowout repulsive, his tattoos tacky, and his faux bronzed skin jaundice in nature, I think he is INCREDIBLY sexy. I'm thinking it's the chiseled abs and his taunt little Italian tush.

Relax, Brian knows about my celebrity crush on Pauly D.

If given the opportunity to jump in a time machine, rewind 10 years of my life, and appear on the Jersey Shore, I totally would.

As stupid as the show is, you have to admit, those kids have a rip roaring good time.

And life in suburbia isn't so rip roaring.

Off to watch Vinny and Ronnie soak in the hot tub together.

So entertaining!


  1. Russ always rolls his eyes when I watch that our any of the Real Housewives! I can't help it - it just sucks me in!

    Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. I just loved that you used the phrase "rip roaring". That is not used enough! ;)

  3. This just made me bust out laughing!

  4. I celebrated the first episode with a glass of champagne. I can't help myself, I love that show. -Em