Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Give It Up For My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I've known for about a month and a half that Brian was going to have to work tonight.

Say what?

Apparently the head honcho dudes at Brian's company picked January 31st to fly to Boston and attend a Bruins game.

Boo. Hiss.

Being the awesome wife I am, I told him that I was fine with him having to shmooze and kiss some corporate booty on my birthday. Deep down I felt kind of crappy about him working tonight, but come on! Am I going to force my husband to skip out on an evening that may potentially help his career and pad our bank account somewhere down the road?

I think not.

So I put on my big girl panties and told my husband it was fine.

I smiled, gave him a big hug and a smooch, and told him he would just have to make it up to me.

And boy did he ever.

He reserved a room at the Back Bay Hotel in downtown Boston on Saturday night. He recruited my little sis and her boyfriend to spend that night at our house to care for Simon and the kitties. I was also treated to a very romantic, very delicious dinner at The Capital Grille Restaurant that included a piece of cake larger than most countries.

Please excuse the iPhone picture quality - not sure what the glowing halo is around my head, but it's in about 5 other pictures we took that night. Maybe it's just that....my halo :)

My weekend was amazing. For the first time in a long time, I actually got to sleep in. No kitties walking across my head looking for breakfast at the crack of dawn. No Simon waking me up with his tug toy in my face. No barking, or meowing, or crying, or whining. Just me, Brian, and some Sunday morning snuggling.

What makes me a little sad (just a little) is that I'm home by myself tonight on my birthday. I've decided that next year I'm going to take the day off from work, get a massage, do some shopping, and celebrate me alllllllll day.

In the meantime, I was hoping you'd all leave me some birthday love in my comments section. You know, just to make me feel a little less alone tonight.

Thanks guys :)


  1. Good job Brian!! Hope your day was special. Sorry we never connected, but we will chat soon. miss you!

  2. aww as much as it sucks that he had to work, sounds like your hubby did a great job making it up to you! That cake looks delicious!!
    Happy, Happy (belated, now) Birthday!!! I hope you were able to enjoy a little peace and quiet on your bday! And next year, definitely treat yourself! (do you watch parks and rec? they have a day where you "treat yourself" and it sounds amazing!)

  3. Happy Birthday Sia! Sounds like a great weekend away!

  4. For several years in a row, I had to attend a big work conference on my husband's birthday. SAD. It sucks to miss your spouse's birthday... and to be the one whose birthday is missed! Hope you ended up having a nice time anyway!

    Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry you had to be alone but man that cake looks amazing!

  6. Happy Belated (VERY VERY BELATED) Birthday Anastasia! Just trying to keep the party going all year! What a night you had, and that cake looks delish!