Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Sad.

I'm really kind of heartbroken over the recent death of Whitney Houston.

In my opinion, music entertainment today is in the crapper and has been swirling in the toilet that is popular music for quite some time. It seems as if it's not enough these days to be talented and a great singer/vocalist. It seems that in order to become famous, in order to make it in the entertainment industry, in order to sell music, you have to push some sort of envelope. For example, take sex and sexuality. It's not enough to be subtly sexy or to leave certain aspects of your sexuality to the imagination. In order to be successful, in order for the public to listen to your music you need to put everything, including your lady parts, on display for all to ogle and admire. Even the likes of vocal powerhouses like Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera, or Xtina, or whatever the heck her name is, at one point in time used their gyrating girly bits to sell themselves, their voices, and their talent despite the fact that their voices needed no extra gilding. Their voices and their talent were enough. But no. What good is a voice that isn't accompanied by an implanted bosom and a little rump shaking?

Then you have your Gagas and your Madonnas and your Nicky Minajs that choose to copulate with religious figures like Jesus and Judas and perform onstage Catholic exorcisms.....



I just don't get it. I don't find music involving religious figures to be a turn on.

I think that is why I liked Whitney so much. She didn't wear crazy outfits, or flaunt her t*ts in my face or push any political, sexual, or religious envelopes. She would simply open her mouth and magic would waft out.

She wanted to dance with somebody. She wanted one moment in time to be all that she thought she could be. She was every woman. She was your baby tonight. She was saving all her love for you.

She sang about concepts that I could relate to. Love. Lost. Longing.
Concepts that everyone could relate to.

And despite her crazy drug use, despite her demons, despite being married to that loser Bobby Brown, she was always classy. The cherry on the sundae that is Whitney Houston is that she never did those crazy vocal pyrotechnics that so many vocalists do today to prove that they can sing like Whitney.

No one can sing like Whitney.

R.I.P. Miss Whitney


  1. Well said Sia! Totally agree with you and after we chatted yesterday I actually was bummed we never got around to talking about Whitney... So tragic. :(

  2. I completely agree with your entire post - what has the music industry come to?! I watched 60 minutes prior to the Grammy's Sunday night and the interview with Adele made me love her so much more - she said that she doesn't see music videos and think she needs to look like that (paraphrasing here) and I was so happy that she said that - she's a true artist in my book because she's got an amazing voice and moving lyrics.
    You can see a clip from the interview if you're interested here:

  3. You said it. NOBODY can sign like Whitney. It's really so sad.