Monday, April 23, 2012


So I went ahead and quit Weight Watchers.

I've been plugging away at it for some time now with little to no visible results.  If you're familiar with Weight Watchers, then you're aware that they recently changed how their program works.  I started Weight Watchers over ten years ago - before they changed the program and before Jennifer Hudson was singing their praises.  The original program worked for me. The original program REALLY worked for me.  The new program which has altered the point values for food and altered how many points are allotted per day per person just hasn't been cutting it. 

I loved the support of attending meetings each week and socializing with the ladies there, however, as time has passed I've realized that I don't have too much in common with these ladies.  When I first joined, most women were like me.  On average, most women were looking to lose 20, 30, 40, 50 lbs.  There were a few very obese women sprinkled in the crowd, but for the most part, it was women that somehow lost their way on the eating right and exercising path and caught it before it got way too out of control. Now, 10 years later, the crowd is filled with extremely obese women who consider walking up a flight of stairs their daily workout.

Now, I have nothing against these women. Kudos to them for deciding to do something about their weight.  I find their journey inspirational, but I just can't relate.

I've decided to take another route.  Instead of focusing on points and low-fat, no fat, skim and whatnot, I've decided to take on a bigger challenge on how I eat and how I view food.  I vowed to stop eating processed foods and to pay more attention to labels.  I've cut out all artificial crap, all the preservatives, and pretty much anything that has an ingredient list of more than five ingredients.  I'm forcing myself to ask the question, "where did this food come from," and "do I really want to eat this?" 

I figure that if I eat as nature intended me to eat and continue to remain active and healthy - my weight will navigate itself to where it should be.



  1. I think this is a great idea! I did WW before the changed the points system and again once it was changed and like you, I didn't find I was getting the same results.
    I started being more careful about what I was eating and the portions I was eating. Not counting calories or points, I noticed that I lost the weight - without even having an exercise plan! I haven't given up sweets (I can't/won't) I just lessen the amount I eat - I realized ramekins are my new best friend for when I want ice cream. I can definitely tell that I've changed my eating habits from 6 months ago - not to mention over 1 year to two years ago.
    I'm sorry to hear WW didn't work for you - it's not cheap! I think this new route you're taking will definitely help and you'll begin to feel better due to the more natural foods you're eating.
    Best of luck, lady! I can definitely understand and relate to how frustrating it can be!

  2. Anastasia :) I am so excited for you to try something new! If you need any inspiration on healthy eating I just watched two documentaries that definitely changed my life... "Forks Over Knives" and "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" Both are available on Netflix streaming I bought a new, better blender and have been doing crazy smoothies, eliminated all corn syrup and cut back or improved in many other areas. I can't tell you how much more energy I have :) Worth watching the docs :)

  3. Your new plan is the kind of plan I hope to follow after the lady bean comes!