Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back To The Shore

If you're not a Jersey Shore fan I advise you stop reading right now.

Like, now. Stop. Go away.

I'm really not sure what my fascination is with this God awful collection of rejects, but I love them, and I've seen every episode. Every fight between Sam and Ron, every skank The Situation has brought back to the house, every disgusting make out session between Deena and Snooki and I laugh every time they sing "T-shirttttttttttttttt TIME."

Seriously, if you don't watch the show, I wouldn't keep reading.

The first episode of the last season of Jersey Shore airs tonight and I'm having mixed emotions.  The gang is all there, but Snooki is pregnant and The Situation is sober.


I suppose the show COULD still be cool to watch if it were one or the other - if The Situation was still a booze bag, and Snooki was pregnant OR if The Situation was sober and Snooki wasn't knocked up....but sober and pregnant all at once.....yikes.  That's a whole lot of responsible-ness going down in a house that was built on a foundation of casual sex, binge drinking, and adolescent shenanigans.

Sooooo funny......

I'm still going to watch this season, but I feel as if The Jersey Shore has jumped the shark.  Sam and Ron are currently back together, Deena has no partner in crime, JWoww is in a serious relationship with her boy Roger, and as I mentioned earlier, The Situation isn't drinking and neither is Snooki.

How on God's green earth are they going to make this last season entertaining???

Oh wait...I forgot about Pauly D.

I always tell Brian that if anything happens to him, I'm marrying Pauly D.

And now they're poking at Snooki's growing belly....snooooooooooooze.

More Pauly D please!

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