Friday, July 30, 2010

I Win

If you recall, I have been having some issues with the other bride that is having her wedding the same day as mine. Her reception is at the other end of the hotel, but she booked the (MY) garden that is outside of my room - for her ceremony.

I got a call yesterday from the wedding coordinator.

Are you ready for this one????

The other bride....BACKED OUT!!

This means I get the garden for MY ceremony.

Picture me wringing my hands together doing my best Gargamel face....

I mean, of course I feel bad that the other bride has unforeseen circumstances that have forced her to back out of her wedding.....but YAHOOOOOOOO I'm so excited for me!!

Happy Friday!


  1. How exciting although I do feel bad for the other bride...

  2. Everything. always. works out. Congrats! This is exciting!!