Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Randomness & Catching Up

* I lost 2.8lbs at my weigh in last week. Not too shabby, but still not where I would like to be after 3 weeks of hard word, no drinking, no creamy coffee consumption, and no decadent desserts.

* I am back to drinking coffee (Lent failure #1) and allowed myself a few cocktails (Lent failure #2) and some dessert (Lent failure #3) over the weekend in celebration of my husband's birthday.

* Jesus called. He's pissed at me.

* I've vowed to re-give up desserts and alcoholic beverages for the remainder of Lent.

* Jesus called back. He's forgiven me.

* The coffee.....not so sure I can go through the withdrawals again, so I might have to re-adjust my Lenten plans ever so slightly.

* I bought my husband a birthday card today. It's the first card that I've purchased that is intended for a "husband" since I became a wife back in September.

* I forgot to buy my husband a Valentine's Day card which is why THIS card is the first "husband" card I've purchased since being married.

* Brian won't let me live down the "forgot to buy my husband a Valentine's Day card," mishap.

* I'm getting sick, but have convinced myself that it's allergies.

* I took last Friday and yesterday off, and I don't want to go back to work tomorrow.

* Maybe I will call out sick......

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Way to go on the 2.8 lbs! That's huge and you should be proud of yourself!
    It has yet to register that in August I could potentially buy Russ a Husband Bday card - crazy!
    I definitely couldn't have given up coffee for as long as you did - kudos to you!